Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 196

We had a mechanic by the name of Alvin come over to check on the alternator today. He couldn’t find anything wrong with the alternator but talked with Papa about different things, found our starting battery was dead and thought the smell was stronger down by the water pump.

When Alvin left Papa thought he would change the impellor to see if that was the problem. It was a good thing to check but it looked new.

Grama and I needed to get off the boat so we headed over to Volleyball beach. We had a good time and when we got back to the boat Rita K and Clay had told Papa we should come to the happy hour over at the bar at the Peace and Plenty (there are only a few places to go here lol). It was a fun night. We met some guys and got playing this ring toss game and we were all gambling with it lmao it was pathetic but one of the guys kept paying for me. Rita K and I would start to leave and he’d holler at us and say he was paying my buy in.

We met some of Rita K and Clay’s friends and it’s funny how everyone knows our boat and how it got its name lmao. I still think one of the funniest moments on this trip was when Papa was getting our drinks Back at the Long Island Breeze a week or so ago he overheard some guy we didn’t know telling another cruiser how the boat Nice Butt got its name. The same thing happened here as we were leaving.


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Sammeh said...

well you know it is pretty funny xD

some guys were buying you
hahah jkjk