Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 180

This morning it was announced that there was a Long Island cruisers net, I kinda rolled over in bed and thought I thought we had escaped the long cruisers net in Georgetown! This one turned out to be short and sweet and even contained some news headlines from the states (the one that caught my attention was that a woman called 911 three times to report that her chicken nuggets were missing when she left McDonalds *rolls eyes*)

After the net we all got up and kinda slugged around until Denis came over and helped me make my conch horn. It’s like being in music class all over again trying to play a new instrument and making a fool of yourself.

Later we went ashore to check out the Island. The dingy dock by town is at a place called Long Island Breeze and their facilities are immaculate. They have 4 rooms they rent out, each a little different with kitchens and living room areas. The upstairs room is like a pent house and has 2 balconies overlooking the water. They offer shower facilities to the cruisers, wifi and a bar/restaurant.

Once ashore we walked over to the beach. It was only a little over a mile and a nice walk. Grama and I were slightly disappointed with the beach. It was covered in weeds that had washed up on shore and there was sooo much garbage everywhere. It wasn’t garbage from the cruisers but looked to be a local garbage dump. We walked the beach anyways going one way to a bunch of rocks and then turned around and walked quite a ways the other way. We only turned around when it started to rain (which didn’t last long).

We went back to the Long Island Breeze for lunch, met up with Denis and Karen and Pretty Penny and had grouper fingers (grouper is back in season!) and fries. After we were well fed we went to check out the grocery store and were surprised when we walked in and the twist was playing and Grama was doing the twist up and down the aisles!

We weren’t back on the boat long before movie night aboard Pretty Penny was about to start. We quickly ate some mini pizzas before heading over. I asked several times if Bob and Penny needed any crew because their 49’ power cat is an expensive looking floating condo! They have a bath tub and a kitchen the size of my dad’s and a couch! I could get use to living aboard a power cat!

Captain Ron was one that I have decided all of us girls need to watch when I get home. It was soo funny and had some classic lines.



Sammeh said...

LOL at the 911 call.
and haha that would be amusing to learn how to play that xD
ooers at the boat.
and uckers at the beach =(
they should be nice to their beaches =[

♥imy&ily x infinity~
PS - I am updated :D

Sinn Fein said...

hey guys we will be over by the weekend give us a call or e-mail maybe we will sail over to the island to meet you I broke three fingers and that slowed us a little bit Maria birthday is the 27 so she would love to share it with nikki i lost your new #
Sinn Fein
are whip and vert with you

Sinn Fein said...

We have the red suitcase with a big bow it has max's name on it. We are leaving Monday very early so you should hear from us then. If you require anything else call.
Maria is racing tomorrow at miami yacht club they had a bic weekend and she is having a blast.