Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 209

I was soo ready for bed last night but once I shut down the computer I got talking to Papa and then got into more of the coconut bread :P and then decided to read for a little while. As it got later I decided to turn off my light and go to sleep...and I laid there...and laid there...and laid there. Eventually I decided to go sit in the cockpit and brought my blanket and pillow thinking the sound of the trickling water will help me fall asleep. After sitting up there for a few hours I got my book and read some more. Around 3am I started to drift off to sleep and the stupid fishing boat left and made enough noise to wake even Grama up. Luckily I fell asleep then but Grama was up for the rest of the night.

This morning I was up earlier than I have been in a long time. Waking up at first light and laying awake while Papa and Grama moved around. I thought I would crawl into my berth for a while but got up shortly after when Karen swam over.

She came over to talk about going to rent a golf cart today, exploring the island and then going over to the castle. The castle (well it’s called the Sand Castle) is a private residence and good friends of Dons. Don calls it one of his other homes. We agreed we would go into get the cart at 1pm.

In the mean time Grama got on a cleaning rampage! So we scrubbed the butt until she sparkled (actually Grama did most of the work I just helped a little). Ohh and Denis came over to check out the hermit crabs we had found yesterday and then we let them go.

At 1 we headed into town. We walked part of the way and I realized I didn’t bring my camera. Back to the butt I went. When I met up with everyone they were at Loraine’s and then the boys went to get the cart. Inside Loraine’s was three of the girls that we were going to meet tonight at the castle. They kinda gave us directions to the Castle by land but only having done it once (the way into town) they weren’t too sure lol.

We decided to take the cart north first because the castle was south. We drove up past Loraine’s cottage and onto a dirt road. We didn’t go much farther before deciding that it was too rough and there wasn’t much up farther. We decided to take a detour and go to the blow hole. We kinda got damp from the spray and taking pics was hard.

When we got back on the road we headed south and stopped at the produce place. We picked up a few things and got on the road again. We went all the way to a dead end then we decided to take a side road and see where that went. It too was a dead end. We back tracked and took another paved road. It looked promising but we made a wrong turn off of it and then decided to ask a local for directions. We found a guy that was a great help and headed off in the right direction. When we were near it we decided to check out the airport.

Eventually we got onto a dusty road (my black dress was beige when we got there) and we found the castle. We met Jean and Doug, the owners of the Sand Castle and 8 of her girl friends: Jan, Rebeca, Jerry, Patty, Dixi, Linda, Pam and Sandy. Karen (Southern Cross) volunteered to take us on tour for Jean since (obviously with 8 other girls) she was busy. Room after room in the castle was a little different and all I can say is OMG!! I want a castle :P. In the tour Karen explained that everything, from the interior decorations to the cement and the all the large machines needed to build the castle, Jean and Doug brought over from California! Just getting to meet them I wasn’t sure how they felt about me running around their house (that was very clean considering the 8 female guests) and snapping pictures....but I couldn’t help but take a few =].

When the tour was finished we sat outside on their veranda overlooking the banks and all we could think was wow this is nice! We got to know the girls and made plans to all go out to happy hour tomorrow at a local bar and then have supper a few doors down at a local restaurant. Not too long before supper Papa and Denis had to run back to town and pick up Don who had moved Next Exit to anchor where it was calm near us. We had burgers and a tasty pasta salad for supper. We had planned to have the golf cart back before dark (no wanting to drive it in the dark)...but who has plans in the Bahamas?

The ride back to town was...interesting. We now had Don to fit in the 4 passenger golf cart and it we didn’t start getting ready to leave until 9pm :P (well a little later because we had to wait while Don peed on the castle wall *rolls eyes*). To top things off we weren’t sure if the cart had enough power to get us all back to town. Knowing we were short of power we decided to run without lights on the cart. Denis drove and I squished between him in Don in the front with the cooler and Papa, Grama and Karen had to try and squish in the back. A few times going up hills we made Don stick his feet out and try to Flintstone us up the hill and then Denis didn’t dare step on the break on the way down the hill so we might make it back without the cart dying on us. The whole way we’re all laughing and making jokes and praying that we make it back to town (it would have been a long walk).We actually did make it back safely and cart still running (barely).

Once back on the boat we were tired and were out as soon as our head hit our pillows.


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Sammeh said...

oooo sounds perty :]
I wannna castle too
lets build one :O
and lol flinstones xD