Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 227

8am departure from Shroud Cay. It was an early morning and a vigorous sail to Rose Island (just north east of Providence Island). In case you didn’t notice I said SAIL in the previous line! We actually sailed someplace! Unfortunately we had following seas and Grama and I weren’t very comfortable for most of the trip (a.k.a. I went below and slept in order to not be completely sea sick). When we were going past Nassau I was ready to jump overboard and swim to it!

Coming into Rose Island was fairly easy...we just followed Bob lol. We went around a reef and are currently anchored 100’ from a beach in about 15’ of water. Tomorrow we’re planning on swimming off of our boats and snorkelling the reef behind us because we watched 4 snorkelling tour boats leave here just as we arrived.

When we were in and got comfortable Southern Cross came from Nassau to join us along with another boat they had met called ‘Don’t Look Back’. Kathy got everyone organized and we had a beach pot luck supper and a campfire... Rose Island is a private island and you’re not technically allowed to have a bonfire but Bob thinks he knows the guy and it’s ok. Lmao.

It’s only 10:18 at the moment (which is 2h and 18mins past the sailors bedtime) and after a long sail today, not feeling well and then eating like a pig tonight (LOTS OF MARSHMALLOWS) I’m exhausted and going to bed.


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