Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 220

We got up this morning and Grama and Papa went to town for some groceries. When they came back Papa went to talk to Larry about our generator and Grama and I did a big clean out of the fridge. In doing that we ran out of water so I had to go dump our two 6 ½ gallon jerry cans into the tank.

When Papa got back we decided to take the boat into the dock to fill up our diesel, gas and water. It didn’t take very long but we had to keep moving the boat up and down the dock to do so.

When we had that completed we anchored out again and headed into town for the Easter Monday lunch. There was an egg hunt for the kids, a large traditional Bahamian meal for lunch and one lady brought down 10 puppies for the kids to play with. While we ate lunch we made plans for this evening. We decided to have a camp fire on Pig Beach. I was sooo excited! We had wanted to have a camp fire before but most of the Exuma islands are either privately owned or are part of the park and you aren’t allowed to have a fire.

2 hours before our scheduled fire Maria and I went to collect firewood and make a fire pit. We set it all up and played with the pigs lmao (we watched a bunch of people run away from the pigs if they came to near and we laughed because we would go up and pet them.

When everyone had arrived for the fire we lit her and had sooo much fun. Sitting on the beach looking out at the stars and the boats lit up and the heat from the fire and great doesn’t get much better than that.


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Sammeh said...

that sounds nice :]
actually fires on beaches are so cool and fun ♥
and it sounds pretty :]