Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 228

Well this quiet peaceful anchorage was invaded today! First came a snorkelling tour boat, and then came another and another and then a huge cruise ship anchored a couple miles away and brought over load after load of passengers to the beach. Then a large powerboat came in to anchor and started to jetski around between the boats waking us and not being careful of the snorkelers.

We went out snorkelling after lunch at on outer reef and it was neat. I was disappointed that there were no sharks around but with all of the people and commotion around I wasn’t surprised.

Around suppertime we noticed the crew from the cruise ship herding the people back into the shuttle boats to carry them back to the ship and a large storm front quickly moving in. We had the Longest heaviest rain I have seen thus far in the Bahamas. It lasted about a half hour and came in a constant downpour. The partiers from the large powerboat started out unsure where to go to stay dry but finally resolved the problem by all getting into the water and swimming.

The Canadian Flotilla had a small get together on the beach at 5:30 but headed back to the boats for supper. We ate and treated ourselves to a few episodes of Two and a Half Men, thanks to Kathy loaning us her DVDs.


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G.G. said...

hi niki, i just love your blog,i find it so realistic, that it makes me feel like i am there!! but i get seasick even docked. keep up the good work you have the potential to write a book,i believe. i love the pics-i miss maria very much-i wish i could be there with her. take care terri may 11th.