Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 224

This morning was very overcast so I finished typing up the blog...I’ll admit I’ve been slacking. In the afternoon Papa and I headed into the office to get the internet. Papa checked his email and I posted to the blog and spent over a half an hour trying to load 6 pictures to the blog only to have it fail on me =[. I’m sorry but you’ll have to keep waiting for some good pics and the Great Conch Girl Video staring Karen Kentner :P.

On the way back to the boat I stopped off at Sinn Fein to see if Maria wanted to go kayaking. She did so I waited on Sinn Fein until she was ready and we went to the office to get the kayaks. We had to fight the wind and the current to avoid drifting out the cut while we talked to Bob and Marg who had been snorkelling and when they mentioned hot chocolate we jokingly said we were coming over to have some too! When they went back to windswept we decided to try and see if we could make it to the butt. It took a while and we were exhausted when we got there but we made it.

Going back towards the office was easy, all we had to do was let the wind and current push us. On our way past Windswept Bob offered us some hot chocolate and of course we didn’t refuse. We were very wet (the Kayaks being ocean kayaks and because we had been heading straight into the waves) and the hot chocolate was wonderful.

There had been talk all day about going to put a plaque with our boat names on it up on Booboo hill but no one had the motivation to go. It was still very overcast and gloomy and we decided just to have a quiet night onboard and do nothing.


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