Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 230

By 9 we were all up, had showers (HOT SHOWERS!) and breakfast and were ready to go to Lower Bouge and find Officer Gordon. We found a ferry to take us to Eleuthera and the driver called us a taxi to meet us at the ferry dock. We got our extension extended and we picked up some booze at the liquor store before heading back over.

Back in Spanish Wells Papa went to get the dingy so we didn’t have to carry the box of wine and the cases of beer back to the boat. Unfortunately when he was getting the motor on the dingy the cell phone fell out of his pocket and sunk to the bottom of the creek.

When he came around to get us Grama wanted to get some seafood for Papa’s birthday tomorrow and they went off leaving me to watch the dingy. When they came back there as no seafood but they had found some dessert.

Back on the boat we unpacked our stuff and I went up to the office to try and get online to post to the blog. The phone tower was down and there was no internet. Meanwhile Papa and Grama went to get a new phone and groceries.

We went to have a drink and meet some people Denis and Karen met. We went to Tom and Gene’s house and had an interesting time. We were told about a robbery that went on in this town. A group of guys planned the robbery for when all of the fishing boats were back at the end of the season and the most money would be in the bank. The routine of the bank was that the money would arrive by plane on a date no one knew. So the robbers were forced to guess when the money would be in. On the day of the robbery the manager of the bank went to pick up the money from the plane but instead of going directly to the bank was driving in his golf cart and was chatting with friends (it’s a really small town).

When he was arriving at the bank he saw the robbery taking place through the window and hid in a house across the street. The robbers were told that the money was not in yet and only got $8000. In their escape they took a hostage but when they got to the boats they ended up forgetting their hostage (now there were a few theories about why or how). All of the guys were caught because the cut they would have to go out was quickly blocked and the money was recovered. It’s such a small town that everyone knows who does what and they laughed and said everyone knows if a kid is going to try and shoplift something before the kid knows.

On our way back to the boat we noticed a guy cleaning a fish and we walked over to be nosey. He said he had tried to save the fish and had been swimming around with him trying to keep it alive but since he died he’d be supper. His name was Captain Ron and his wife was Lorraine and we chatted with them for a while. Lorraine was a Bahamian and her mother’s family dated back to the Eleutheran adventurers. We asked about the netting and why they had fish and a lobster in there and they said that they were their pets. It started out with their son. He found some injured turtles and kept them to nurse back to health. Now they get different fish and keep them as pets. Just before we were leaving captain Ron came over and handed Grama a bag full of fish! We hadn’t even known this couple for 10mins and they gave us enough fish to feed 5 for supper.

Back on the boat we barbequed half of the fish and fried the other half and had a great supper.


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