Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 210

This morning was uneventful but included a swim and a quick tidy up of the Butt. We invited the girls from the castle to come out around 3 and then we planned to go to happy hour with them at Scorpios Bar at 4ish, so we lazed around until then. Ohh and we made up a 2liter jug of rum punch for when the girl arrived!

Just after 3 the girls arrived and Dennis and I shuttled them back and forth between land, Nice Butt and Southern Cross. We had fun and showed the girls the boats and attempting the blow the conch horns.

At 4 we went to Scorpios and had happy hour with munchies and music and dancing. Other cruisers we knew showed up and we met some cruisers and we had a HUGE group of people!

At 7 we decided we were late and went to supper at a local restaurant. Jean had made arrangements with the owner to do a buffet for our group with Hog Fish, Bahamian Mac and Cheese, Bahamian Peas and Rice and a salad. The owner had expressed that there wouldn’t be enough Hog Fish for the whole group to have a meal off of so Denis donated his fillet of Hog Fish. Supper was the best Bahamian meal I have had so far!

While at the restaurant I saw Raymond (the God your beautiful guy) and he introduced me to his wife lmao and his friend Jamal. We had planned to do a group pic and when I finally got everyone together I got Raymond to take the pic for me. Of course when he gave the camera back to me and I said thank you he commented anything for you babe. His friend Jamal made a comment about him being married and then turned to me saying that “he (meaning Raymond) cannot be interested but me (Jamal), I can be and I am!” I looked at Skip (a fellow cruiser we’ve hung out with several times in Georgetown), who happened to be next to me and he looked at me we were both trying not to laugh as I said “well that’s good to know” and walked away.

We walked back to the boat fairly late (past the sailors’ bed time!) and were happy but exhausted. Falling asleep was easy tonight.


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Sammeh said...

oh lulz
but happy hour is always fum? xD