Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 216

This morning we were up and got underway with Karen and Dave still in bed. I was sure they would have heard the motor but it was 9ish and we wanted to be there for slack tide to snorkel.

It was a beautiful motor-sail. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Along the way my guitar was pulled out and dusted off... I’ll admit I haven’t been attempting to play very often but I did pull it out a few times when it was official uncle Dave was coming lol. He played a few songs he knew and we chatted and it was fabulous!

As we were approaching Cambridge and passing a cut to the sound we met up with Sinn Fein!! I couldn’t believe it! We were trying to figure out this boats intentions and whether we would slide in front of them or fall in behind them as we entered the narrow channel. Then we got looking at the boat and I noticed Maria staring at us scrutinizing the boat as we were and then we both recognized each other and hurried up on deck to attempt a bit of conversation. We laughed and let Sinn Fein take the lead. They draw more than we do so if they hit bottom we know that spot is shallow :P.

When we arrived in Cambridge we picked up a mooring ball with ease (we had to look good while doing it lol). When the mooring field host came around to check us in we were told about a nice little snorkelling spot just on the outside of the mooring field.

We decided to snorkel that spot and leave the Sea Aquarium and Rocky Dundas for tomorrow. It was a cute spot and had lots of sea life. Karen got in and was feeling confident until she saw an ugly big Jew fish and had to get out (f.y.i a Jew Fish is part of the grouper family). Just a little while after that Maria and I were swimming along together and a nurse shark came and swam by us and as we were hollering at Papa to look at it he swam right under Papa just as we finally got his attention and looked up. Papa missed seeing the 5’-6’ shark! How that happened I’ll never know.

That evening we (Southern Cross, Sinn Fein and ourselves) had a little happy hour on a sandbar just south of the mooring field. From there we had a good view as the sun set on the horizon and we hoped to see a green flash but there were a few clouds obscuring our view.

Everyone went to bed happy and content and I thought I’d have trouble falling asleep but it was a full day and sleep came easily.


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Sammeh said...

jewfish is ugly D:
I just looked it up xD
lol are you trying to get to the end of the world with a green flash
too much potc for ya there : p
hehe jk