Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 231

Papa is now an older man lmao. I was up before the grandparents this morning and had to wake them up. Today we’re going with Karen and Denis over to explore Harbour Island. We took a ferry over to Eleuthera, then a taxi to North Eleuthera and then another ferry to Harbour Island.

Once there we went to a place called Sip Sips and had the best Lobster Quesadilla! There was at least 2 lobsters per quesadilla and one would feed 2 people. From there we walked the beach and ended up talking to a local who showed us a little 2bedroom cottage that her employer rented out to tourists. We continued walking the island and ended up at a little bar on the water. They had a $5 vodka special so we had to go in lol.

After a while we decided to continue our walk and while looking at a house with a for sale sign on it we got a tour. The house was a 4 bedroom/3bath with Dock and pool and was located on the water (obviously, it has a dock!). It was up for 2.something (the guy couldn’t remember what the .something was) million.

We continued to walk around and back towards town. We went in little shops and eventually found the ice cream parlour. We each had a cone and then walked for a little while longer before catching the ferry back to Eleuthera and a taxi back to the other ferry dock and another ferry back to Spanish Wells. Back on the boat we lazed around and did nothing. We were still too full from lunch to have supper and too tired from walking around all day to do anything.


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