Friday, April 17, 2009

Tia’s Announcement

I have been thinking about my little sister Tia for quite a while now and I have been very upset at the lack of internet and not being able to call her. Tia is a very hard working and very talented baton twirler and at 11years old has managed to make it and is going to the worlds in Belgium this year. I wasn’t sure what day they were leaving but I knew it was sometime around Easter and as Easter approached I was getting more and more anxious to get to the internet so I could let her know I’ve been thinking about her and to wish her luck. Now that I have gotten the internet I received a couple of emails and she has completed her competition. In a quick email my mother explained that while twirling Tia was surrounded by 16 judges on two side making for a total of 32 judges. Back home the most I have seen at the Canadians was 3 judges. My mother sent an email just after Tia had competed and said her solo wasn’t the best she had preformed but it was ok and her X-strut went well. I have also received a follow up email with Tia’s results. Her solo was as my mother said was her worst out of the two and Tia took 14th at the WORLDS!! Her X-strut was well done and Tia did Canada proud and brought home 10th place!! I am proud to call her my little sister. I have always told people that she is a Canadian Champion having taken 1st in Solo and X-strut at the Canadians but now I will be telling everyone that she is a world champion! Congratulations Tiabia! I miss you and we are all so proud of you!

<3 your big sis

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