Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 222

I still wasn’t feeling well this morning but in the beginning of the afternoon I started to feel a little better. I was determined not to be left out so when everyone decided to go for a walk on Cambridge I went with them.

After a bit of a walk and being in the sun I regretted not staying onboard but it was nice. We walked from a beach on the banks side to a beach on the sound side. It was very pretty but we all laughed because the person who made the trail must have been from Georgia! The ICW in Georgia twists and turns and when traveling south you often find yourself going north for a while. This path was like the ICW.

When we got back to the boat I laid down for a bit before Grama was as mad with her hair as I was not too long ago and so we went out on the stern and I cut the back of her hair. I know almost everyone reading this (specially Mom, Aunti J and Mama) is going to be thinking “ohh noo!” but it turned out very nice and everyone says I did a good job :P.

I joined them for sun downers on the sand bar tonight and we invited Skip and Journey (we met them in Black Point) and it was a nice evening. Back on the boat Grama noticed some big fish jumping and swimming back and under the boat and we sat out with flashlights on the stern watching them. The big powerboats all have big lights that come on at night under their hull and Grama and I think we want lights so we can watch the fish at night.


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Sammeh said...

yah cutting other people's hair is alot better than cutting your own hair and failing miserably D:
like me~