Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 204

We didn’t do much this morning and when I woke up without Grama telling me to get out of bed I knew the decision to stay another day in Georgetown had been made. Now I don’t want everyone to think I hate Georgetown because I have thoroughly enjoyed it here... it’s just like you planned to go across country in a mobile home and you have a deadline as to when you can be back and you have soo many places you want to visit..and then you sit in the same trailer park for over a month. Georgetown is basically a big trailer park/summer camp for old people :P.

At noon we heard that there was something going on at Exuma Market and that the police station was having a $10 lunch/supper BBQ. So we got ready and headed into town. Outside of the Exuma Market there was a youth band playing a song every few minutes, different tables giving out samples of different products (Pringles, Huggies, Caramel Corn) and a BBQ that was giving out ½ burgers for samples. While there we talked to some fellow cruisers and then went around town once more (hopefully our final time), picked up a few groceries and headed back to the butt.

Once back on the boat (a little damp after the crossing back) we dried off and laid around and read or napped...Pretty much all night lol.


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Sammeh said...

babe thats not a nap xD
thats you sleeping xD :D
just saying ♥