Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 219

Happy Easter Everybody!

This morning we were up early and I went with Papa to see Karen and Dave off. We got to the airport at a little after 8 and there was no one there. We sat in the shade because it was hot already (today’s going to be a scorcher). At around 8:40 the Flamingo rep showed up, but there’s nothing you really have to do other than tell him your waiting for the 8:45 plane. Around 8:50 the rest of the people traveling on the 8:45 showed up and finally at 9:30 their plane arrived.

When we got back to the boat we were all upset. We did a little bit of clean up and put the boat back to normal and I think we all missed them already. After sulking for a little while Grama and I decided to blow up our water air mattresses and float on out behind the boat.

At 3 I had told Maria I’d take her snorkelling at Thunderball so everyone got their gear on and everyone went snorkelling. After Thunderball we did a little snorkel by the ship wreck and then went back to the boat for a lazy night.


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