Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 211

Well today we head for Staniel Cay again to wait for Karen and Dave!! This morning we did a quick run into Loraine’s to get internet, me to do a quick post to the blog and Papa to do a work email.

We went into town and while Papa was filling up our water jugs I walked to Loraine’s and Grama did a last min grocery run. Unfortunately Loraine wasn’t there and while sitting outside waiting to tell Papa (or to see if she would arrive because it was already 10am) I met the friendly constable who told me I could come visit him anytime *rolls eyes*. He also gave me permission to go in to use the internet. Just then Papa arrived and we went inside and Papa realized he couldn’t get online because he didn’t have the password. So I ended up not getting to post the blog while I helped him transfer his lease document onto my computer so he could send it using my laptop. By now Karen and Denis have already left without us so we hurried back to the boat to head north.

Yesterday we had talked to Karen and Denis about doing a quick stop at Bitter Guana Cay and then heading up to Staniel. Denis and Karen waited for us at Bitter Guana Cay and we did a short trip ashore.

As soon as we landed the dingy on the beach big iguanas came racing out to greet in really BIG iguanas. People feed the iguanas and so they are not afraid of people and will follow you around coming so close you could touch them (not that we would). Denis and I brought some lettuce and were feeding them. At one point I was out of food and looking at some baby iguanas that were in a semi circle around me and Karen sounded amused and called “Hey Niki turn around”. I turned and looked and a BIG iguana was coming up behind me but staying far enough away that I wasn’t nervous and I still had a space escape if I wanted to. I went back to looking at the wee ones and Karen again called and said “heeyyy Niikkkiii”, I said “yuuss” and she called “look over your other shoulder” and laughed. I looked and saw another big iguana coming up my escape route. Shoot. They don’t make any threatening moves or anything but they look prehistoric and big and ugly (but cute in a way only a mother would love) and I didn’t like being surrounded.

It wasn’t far to Staniel and we were anchoring between the Majors in no time (The Majors are Big and Little Major Islands). Here we anchored beside a nice little beach with a large shipwreck. Grama and I laughed saying that this isn’t where we’d have chosen to anchor!

We could not get our Delta anchor to set. Eventually after trying to set it about 5times we threw out the Fortress (our second, a.k.a. back up, anchor) and guess what, it set immediately! Grama and I both constantly say we HATE the delta!! If fellow sailors are reading this and thinking about getting a new anchor do NOT get a delta! They set well in a sandy bottom but will not set in anything else (and trust me we have taken some good advice about different ways to try and set it and have willingly tried every way numerous times and have had no luck). Karen and Denis watched us fight with the anchor while anchoring at Bitter Guana and now here and sat watching us in utter amazement that it would not set.

I feel better now that I have had my rant about the stupid anchor today.

Once we were satisfied that we were set Karen and Denis came over (Karen wanted to get away from the sound of the generator running). We were happy to have a break from sulking and we pulled out a bag of nachos and salsa for munchies. Karen was so amazed that we had nacho chips onboard because you can’t buy them down here lol. We hid some away in Georgetown. We enjoyed the afternoon and talked about snorkelling Thunder ball tomorrow.

As evening approached Karen and Denis headed back to Southern Cross. We had supper and after dark today’s heat persisted and Grama and I were so hot we ended up going for a night swim just to keep from going insane. We had the wind scoop up and every hatch open but still it was such a hot night we slept fitfully.


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Sammeh said...

haha iguanas are ugly
well I think so xD
and I am not a sailor but I'll keep that in mind :D
no delta for sammeh :D