Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 215

I woke up thinking hopefully Karen and Dave will arrive this morning! I got up and made my bed and got ready. The anchorage we were in was still lumpy and so we decided to move down towards Club Thunderball where it would be calmer. We moved and headed around and got settled and were rushing to be in on time to pick them up from the airport.

It was 8:30 and since it was a calmer day (today was bright, clear skies and beautiful) I headed in the dingy with Papa to pick them up. It was a short ride to Club Thunderball and I made the mistake of docking the dingy their thinking it would be a shorter walk. Wrong! There is a lake and a windy road to hike in order to get to the airport. I watched a few planes land and had to jog hoping to catch them because if we weren’t there they would take them to the Yacht Club to wait for us and that was another 15min walk. It was a long jog/run and was a good 20-25min walk. When I got to the airport (it’s just a little air strip with a gazebo to sit and wait in) I saw a plane idling and all its passengers were either sitting around or gone already and I thought shoot! I asked just to make sure that it was their plane before I headed on down to the yacht club. Luckily that wasn’t their plane. Their plane was running on Bahamas time so I was early.

Papa had walked and he made it to the airport and still there was no sign of the plane. We waited and the no-see-ums came out and started attacking me in full force. I moved to stand in the sun and waited some more.

Finally their plane arrived and a bunch of passengers got off. We were counting heads and passenger after passenger got off (well only 7 passengers) and I couldn’t see them. They were the last to get off. Karen and I both ran to give each other a hug and Dave and Papa walked over to meet us. We got their luggage and headed back down the long walk to Club Thunderball.

On the way we talked about last night and found out that they were stuck in Philly for an hour delay and by the time they got to Nassau they rushed out to catch their plane and watched it head out the runway and take off. We told them that it was a rough night and they were thankful they weren’t on board. While walking back we were picked up and given a ride to Thunderball by some local ladies.

When we got onboard Grama made up some breaky and we let Karen have a bit of a nap and get use to being onboard. They also pulled out all the goodies they brought down for us. The one item I’ve been waiting for is a new camera! Ours is officially dead and I didn’t want to ask for it right away but I was anxious to get it. When Dave pulled it out and handed it to me I was suddenly estatic!! Grama couldn’t figure out why but I was soo excited! IT’S AN UNDERWATER CAMERA!!

After a few hours it was low slack tide and we took Karen and Dave over to snorkel Thunderball cave. We had fun but Karen didn’t like how the sergeant majors (a tropical fish) all rush and come up to your mask to see if you have food. I took soo many underwater pics with my new camera (oops, our new camera) I was worried I would run out of memory already haha.

When we were through at Thunderball we took Grama and Papa back to the boat and Karen, Dave and I went on around to snorkel by the shipwreck. We weren’t there too long before we were hungry and returned to the boat for lunch...but when we rounded the corner I couldn’t see the boat. It wasn’t there! Grama and Papa had noticed that we had hit bottom with the moon tide and so they went and re anchored lol.

They had anchored where we would be able to find them but it was between two Cays and in a little while when the tidal currents started to pick up it could get uncomfortable. After lunch we left to re anchor off of Pig Beach on Big Major. This anchoring thing is a breeze with the Fortress now on!!

Just before sunset Karen and I went into Pig Beach. It’s appropriately named because this beach it home to about 6 wild in big farmyard pigs...on a beach... I think a pig would be the last animal I would ever expect to see on a beach.

When we returned to the butt we were just in time to see the sun set. I got Dave to blow the conch horn and I was jealous when he tried it for the first time and had no problem producing a nice sound. It was a laid back Bahamian night and tomorrow we are going to take Karen and Dave back to Cambridge... Bahamian style :P.


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Sammeh said...

just don't get sick D:
that be bad :[
but thats great that you had an awesome time with your fam <3
Imy ♥♥♥