Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 208

It’s nice to wake up and think what are we going to do and where are we going to explore today? I don’t think I’ve said it enough but it is such a relief to be out of Georgetown! Georgetown is a great place and I can see why cruisers return year after year because it really reminds me of the community we had at the trailer park when my mom’s parents had their trailer. There are all kinds of organized activities and there are over 300 boats present (which is small compared to usual)...But when you have planned to explore the Bahamas being stuck there isn’t fun...especially on that horrid dock!!

This morning Papa made us French toast using the AMAZING coconut bread and Grama and I decided that we should go into town and do some laundry and I could take my laptop in and update the blog. We took our time and eventually got everything together and headed into town (leaving Papa to run the engine to charge up).

Once at the laundry mat we were told that the lady who runs the place wasn’t there and in order to buy tokens for the machines we needed to walk down to the clinic and find the reverend. Ok so we headed down the road towards the clinic which we knew was only a few minute walk. Once at the clinic we were told that (she the reverend’s wife) had already left and had gone back to the store (the store meaning the grocery store that is in the opposite direction of the clinic from the laundry mat...and as far of a walk). So we headed down to the store and the sign said open but the door was locked. We stood there for a moment wonder ‘what now?’ when the reverend realized he hadn’t unlocked the door and came to open it for us. We bought the tokens and headed back to do laundry.

When we got everything into the machines I decided to head up to Loraine’s to get on the internet. When I got to Loraine’s her mother was bringing out some of her bread that she was going to sell today and I walked back to get some money from Grama because more bread was on our list for today. Grama gave me the $9 for the coconut bread and the French bread and she mentioned that she might be interested in the cinnamon raison bread and if it looked good to put it aside of her to buy after. So I walked back to Loraine’s to buy the bread.

Just across the street from the laundry mat two ladies were sitting weaving some baskets and watched Grama and I walk back and forth and then watched me walk up and down the street with some interest. They said hi every time we/I went past and when I walked back to buy the bread I said “I’m getting my exercise done for the day” and they sat there laughing...for quite a while...I didn’t think that was too funny but w/e.

When I finally got online I started to post to the blog and then as more people came to get online (and then more people and then some more people) I no longer could get online for more than a few seconds. I fought to post to the blog and got no pictures posted (obviously). Eventually I gave up and had to go get the money for the cinnamon raison bread (oh yeah i didn’t say that I got it but it smelt soooo good I picked it up for Grama). So I walked back to the laundry mat, got the money and walked back to pay and get my stuff.

When Grama and I made it back to the boat we chatted with Papa for a while, watched the mail boat come in with the whole town waiting at the dock and then I decided I wanted to go for a swim. While I was swimming Next Exit came by and anchored right near us took one of his guests to shore and back and then headed out back around the point to the anchorage by the castle. Just after Don pulled in Karen came over to the boat to visit saying that Denis didn’t sleep last night because they had anchored by the castle and it was a little lumpy so he was having a nap.

I just got out of the water and started to get dressed when another cruiser we befriended in Georgetown came by and then Karen came back to let us know she was heading into town and was wondering if I’d go with her.

Of course I went to town (I’d do anything to get time away from Grama and Papa!! Lol <3 ) and Karen wanted to pick up a few groceries, do a walk and inquire about golf cart rentals. We pretty much executed it in that order as well. One thing I love about Karen is she loves her ice cream as much as I do so we made sure that on our last stop in town we picked up some ice cream to take back to the boats lmao.

Back on the boat again we sat in the cockpit for a while and Papa decided he wanted to go for a swim and then I decided another swim would be nice and eventually Grama decided to go for a swim too. I found two more large hermit crabs and for the night Papa has let us keep them in a container onboard. It goes to show you how bored we can get on the boat...finding quite a bit of amusement watching the hermit crabs.

We had a good supper and watched for the green flash as the sun set (btw Karen, Denis, Bob and Margret claim to have seen the green flash 3times but they were all on cloudless days and only when the sun sets on the water with no land on the horizon). There are quite a few boats now anchored here for the night (all cruisers from Georgetown who are on their way home) and just as the sun set everyone started to blow their conch horns =].

I forgot to mention earlier that Kathy aboard Sinn Fein called while I was having my first swim and talked to Papa for a bit. They are in Shroud Cay at the moment and are planning on being in Warderick Wells tomorrow. I mention this because in the convo she asked if we could call Dave and Karen and ask them to do her a favour when they come down. So we called and got to have a bit of a chat with both Karen and Dave. In 6 days we’ll be sitting in the cockpit with them sipping rum punches and I’m not sure who’s more excited us or them lol.

When Papa went to get the phone to call Karen and Dave he noticed we missed a call from windswept! We called them back only to leave a message but not long after talking to Dave and Karen they called us back. They are sitting in an anchorage alone at Double Breasted Cay (the Cay has two identical beaches that from a bit of a heart shape) in the raggeds. They said Cuba was FABULOUS!! (but anyone who knows Bob knows that it would be Fabulous :P ) They are going to meet up with us probably just before or while Dave and Karen are down and maybe travel a bit and snorkel some with us =].

This is a long post and one of the few that I’ve actually typed up at the end of the day. I’m sitting in my berth and it’s 11:31 pm and oddly Papa is still awake reading in the salon. Although Grama thought Papa had died last night because he never sleeps for more than 3 hours at a time, 4 if he’s doing really well, but last night he slept for 6 and a bit hours straight. Me once I’m asleep I’m out and I think I’m ready for bed. G’night =].


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